In praise of Pollock – van Gogh we are not

“I do not paint pictures – I paint colour. We are born into and surrounded by colour. Colour dictates our temperament and breathes life into a staid background and contributes atmosphere. Colour dominates all our awareness. Without colour we are bereft of proper perceptiveness. Without colour passion is diminished and without this passion we lack the ability to recognize completely the beauty of our planet. Like the flow of a river or the buffeting of a cloud, colour does not require form to express itself. It articulates by ever fluctuating hues.

“The abstract expression of colour gleamed unconsciously from the mind cannot be named, for to name it would be to assume that its conception was a deliberate effort to create form. Many variations of form may be perceived in an abstract expressionist painting but they cannot be the deliberate conscious creation of the artist. At times an image may look like something, but what it looks like is not what it is – a simple unrepeatable splash of colour. A picture of an object can be painted repetitiously, but an abstract expressionist painting, like a fingerprint, can never be repeated.”

~ George Porter